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Chapter 3 — Fayre Play

I’m not going to lie, the start of the second month of our adventure was tough. Without a vehicle for a week due to a failed MOT, and with a few days of constant rain, cabin fever set in quickly, along with the realisation that there is no break from this. And when I say this, I mean the children. Most days were spent with at least one of the Jacks shedding tears and gently rocking in the corner, questioning our life choices, but with a new-found respect for the teaching profession.

The following week, the skies cleared, Jürgen was returned, and we were able to get out and explore once again. An overnight stay in Dunbar gave us our first taste of the Scottish coast, including an early morning dip in the North Sea, while visits to Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh proved a nice break from all the bucolic views and fresh air (as well as, you know, the chance to sample thousands of years of history).

In between, we’ve had our last weeks as part of the Kippen village, featuring a pub quiz, a wedding, an archaeological dig, a fun evening tubing at Cubs, and day trips to Balquhidder and Loch Ard.

The Kippen Street Fayre proved to be a perfect full stop on our time in the village. Not only was it a chance to say goodbye to the lovely people that we have met, it was also a great opportunity to start drinking cocktails at lunchtime. (And you know you you've been accepted into the village when you are included in the invite-only secret Fayre after-party.)

The great road trip now begins, as we farewell our comfortable accommodation and begin 2 months in the camper van. Our first stop…the Northern Isles. Shetland and Orkney await.

Kippen Village Life


Tubing night at Cubs


Stirlingshire Countryside










Balquhidder/Loch Ard


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Come on Jack's family!!! You can do it :-) Creating memories !!

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